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Effect of Supervisor-Subordinate Communication and Leadership Style on Organizational Commitment of Nurses in Health Care Setting

This study focuses on the role of supervisor-subordinate communication and leadership style on organisational commitment of nursing staff in the selected hospital. Meyer and Allen’s instrument for multidimensional organizational commitment was utilized in this research. Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire was adapted from Stogdill’s” (LBDQ-XII) form 12 and the items related to supervisor- subordinate communication were derived from two different researches by Heald, Girton and Kazanskya. The structured questionnaire was completed by 134 nursing staff of a major complex hospital in Tehran, Iran. In the demographic data, the majority of the respondent were 20 -30 years old female, had more than 10 years tenure and a Bachelor Degree. Overall, T-test analysis showed significant differences in type I and type II leader’s consideration regarding level of affective and continuance commitment.

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