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Moderating effect of Technology Uncertainty on Relationship between Innovation Speed and Product Success: A Survey in Malaysian Biotechnology Industry

Time-based strategies are established based on speedy product development that leads to a greater result from market. To overcome the ongoing uncertainties in the market, we could add more knowledge to the literature on market strategies and new product success by studying the relationship between innovation speed and product success under different conditions of technology uncertainty. This research is a crosssectional quantitative survey research. A sampling frame of 101 biotech products was selected from small and medium Malaysian biotechnology enterprises and a self-administrated questionnaire was adopted from previous researches. Innovation speed is generally associated with new product success and technology uncertainty moderates this relation. Our findings indicate that innovation speed is less importance under low technology uncertainty for product success. Vice versa under high technology uncertainty, speedy development of a new product allows it to gain better results from the market and success the product. Based on the findings recommendations are forwarded, to biotech companies to develop and use the appropriate strategies.

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