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Telemedicine on Iran’s healthcare industry

This paper describes how telemedicine technology affects knowledge management generally and knowledge sharing process specifically. This issue may be important in health sectors and knowledge oriented organizations which are eager to improve knowledge sharing in their organizations. Using telemedicine and e-health technologies, healthcare organizations can deliver healthcare to patients in a distance, so that an improvement in their productivity, effectiveness and efficiency can be reached. Although, there is a huge potential in knowledge sharing issues using telemedicine, most current researches focus on the economic benefits of using telemedicine. In this paper, a new framework is developed in the knowledge sharing area, based on some theoretical and conceptual issues that depict knowledge management benefits. Also, a model is developed to explain how knowledge sharing occurs in telemedical practices. Finally, there is a discussion of the potential benefit of knowledge sharing using telemedicine. Here, findings in a healthcare organization are examined and results show that telemedicine has different effects on knowledge sharing, idea sharing, productivity, knowledge oriented culture and quality service in distance areas.

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