Brand Audit and Assessment

When you say “brand” many people think you are talking about logos and other visual identifiers. Yes these are important, but what’s more important: What people associate with your name and logo. That is what you need to understand – and get right – in order to grow.

When the Canadian Business Success Centre conducts a brand audit, we perform a full strategic assessment of your brand and how your products and services are viewed in the marketplace. Our aim: To uncover the key elements that will enable you to build a brand that will be profitable now and in the long term, so you can continue to build a healthy, profitable business.

As part of the process, CBSC goes far beyond simply providing you with an analysis of how well your brand is performing against others in its category, domestically and on the world stage. We evaluate what must be done to position your brand in a way that will support your company’s long-term growth strategy.

To do so, CBSC…

  • Provides you with a rich understanding of how your customers, and the prospects you hope to court, view your brand in comparison with other options available to them.
  • Consumers and Business-to-Business customers buy for one of two reasons: i) To solve a problem or ii) To fulfil a need. For this reason, we conduct the research necessary to identify – in very specific terms…
    • The problems B2B and B2C customers hope your brand will help solve and probe what they think of your solution.
    • The needs and desires your target audience hopes your brand can fulfill and look at ways to delight your target audience in the process.
  • Pinpoints ways in which your brand can stand out from others in its category and gain competitive advantage.
  • Digs deep into the brand. We look at its raison d'être and evaluate whether or not its original purpose and values are still relevant today. If not, we identify changes required to help consumers relate better to your brand today – and to choose you over your competition.
  • Assesses the brand’s positon and determine its consumer brand equity.

    Using a framework that is used by academics and for-profit companies alike, we help you understand the emotional and intellectual associations that customers have with your products and services – and identify the gaps that exist between your desired marketing position and reality.

    This work is one of the components that form part of a financial Brand Valuation.

  • We also get to the heart of what motivates your employees, customers and other stakeholders important to the business. We explore how the people in your company feel about the brand and the customers you serve and identify any gaps in service delivery related to a misalignment of employee and brand values.
  • As part of this 360° examination of your business, we also put your industry and the markets in which you do business under the microscope.

    We then synthesize the learning from all quadrants to give you an in-depth, objective assessment of your brand today – of what's working and what's not. We'll also give you strategic recommendations on how to maximize your brand’s potential and show you what your business could look like five years down the road, given what’s going in the market.

The proprietary process we use is far more involved than a standard brand audit. A brand audit simply looks at where you are; we look at where you could be and give you options on how to get there.

CBSC Helps Improve Brand Performance

Working with you, we get to the heart of why your brand exists and assess areas, internal and external, in which the brand may not be delivering on its promise... why the businesses is not delivering the results that it could, and should. We also uncover the things that you are doing really well that can be leveraged to advantage.

CBSC then provides you with a roadmap for making the changes throughout the organization necessary for turning things in the direction that will help you meet your goals, including looking at the messaging needed to communicate these changes.

Competitor Audit and Assessment

Often done in conjunction with the Brand Audit, a Competitive Audit is just that – an investigation into how good a job your competitors are doing in your category. CBSC will assess things from an objective, practical point of view as well as from customer and supplier perspectives.

We marry these insights with what we learn about your brand to give you a solid understanding of how your brand stacks up against the competition. Please click here to see some of things CBSC investigates as part of the Competitor Audit process.