Building your Brand Will Build Your Business, because Brand Strategy is Business Strategy

The Canadian Business Success Centre’s suite of services can help you...

  • Determine how to position your company for sustained growth, and your brands for market leadership... and improve profitability in the process.
  • Increase business from existing clients and identify new revenue streams.
  • Identify the levels of engagement and types of signature customer experiences needed for your brand to be the most coveted one in your category.
  • Make your brand more relevant to your key customer groups.
  • Build a brand-aligned culture.
  • Train and motivate employees to provide a consistent brand experience that reflects its values at all touch points.
  • Work more effectively with your agencies and other marketing partners to communicate your brands’ values, and the business’ long-term vision, to the right audiences... helping budgets to stretch further and have greater impact.

In short, we'll help you build a brand and business that will be profitable now and in the long term. We’ll also help you develop your people so they can continue to build the brand moving forward.

Brand Strategy is Business Strategy

The leaders of successful firms know that brand strategy and business strategy must be inextricably intertwined. Sadly, too many organisations have forgotten this key principle in the quest to improve quarterly returns. Tactical initiatives are trumping image-building initiatives, to the detriment of brands and business bottom lines.

We believe that everything you do is an investment in the brand and the business. This is why CBSC looks at every aspect of your business and helps you develop and implement strategies that will position your company, as well as its products and services, in the optimal way to grow the brand.

Keep it Real; Keep it Relevant

The relationship that people have – and want to have – with their favorite brands is changing. Customers want a “real” experience and they want to engage with brands in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them.

This means that that brands, and their business owners, must stay true to their core values (keeping it real), yet adjust how they express these values as needed (keeping it relevant). This means being acutely aware of shifts in the market overall, and attitudes of their consumers in particular.

Canadian Business Success Centre partners stay abreast on how branding and business is changing. On how customers in various parts of the world want to be treated, how they want to interact with the products they buy and how they want to get their information. We keep up with what is going on. Why? Not so that you don’t have to, but so that our recommendations will be relevant for you and relevant for all people who interact with your brand.

Brand Rejuvenation

As mentioned in Brand Audit and Assessment, CBSC works with you to truly understand the purpose of your brand and assess areas, internal and external, in which the brand may not be delivering on its promise... why the businesses is not delivering the results that it could, and should. We also uncover the things that you are doing really well that can be leveraged to advantage. We then outline the path to follow rejuvenate your brand and improve the bottom line.

Daring to be Different

Successful brands dare to be different and great brands are constantly evolving. They aren't afraid to shake up their category. Not only do their products and services address customers' most pressing needs and desires, they do so in a way that sets them apart.

Truly successful brands are known to represent a specific set of characteristics stand for something. These brands provide customers with a compelling reason to choose them, and be loyal to the companies bringing their products and services to market.

We help you…

  • Determine which of your brand attributes are most likely to attract the kinds of customers that will help you grow your business quickly, effectively and profitably.
  • Focus on the one special attribute that will give you that oh-so-necessary Point of Distinction™.