Competitor Audit and Assessment

Competitor Audit

Often done in conjunction with the Brand Audit, a Competitive Audit is just that – an investigation into how good a job your competitors are doing in your category. CBSC will assess things from an objective, practical point of view as well as from customer and supplier perspectives.

We marry these insights with what we learn about your brand to give you a solid understanding of how your brand stacks up against the competition. Some of things CBSC looks at:

  • How well you all solve the same customer problems or fulfill desires
  • How each brand experience lives up to the expectation and promise
  • The likelihood of each brand dominating the category down the road
  • The importance of the category to consumers, how this is changing and why
  • How each brand is perceived, what changes have occurred and why
  • The relevance of each brand to your customer audience and to theirs

Once complete, you will have a good grasp of what's going on in your category. Although important, this snapshot is of a moment frozen in time. Markets are, however, fluid, dynamic playgrounds and customer needs and desires change more frequently than the winds that blow through them.

This is the reason why a large component of our investigation is the search for clues that will let us identify ways for you to become the category leader, and opportunities to create brand-new categories for the future.