Doing Better by Doing Good

Companies that “do good” outperform those with lesser commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) by 120% - 150%. Customers of all kinds (B2B and B2C), in all countries, are becoming increasingly socially-conscious and, increasingly, are starting to make buying decisions with an eye to how the companies treat the planet, their people, their prospects and patrons.

They want to buy products and services from companies that protect the planet or do little to negatively impact our shared environment. Customers are looking at all aspects of how a company does business. Indeed nearly 15% of people indicate they will look back through companies’ supply chains when making important buying decisions – and this number is growing.

Under the microscope: Reduction of carbon footprints, lowered greenhouse gas emissions, good conditions for its workers, fair wages, use of recycled materials, responsible waste disposal, compliance with international standards, and a host of other concerns.

Today, doing "good" is good for the bottom line… And essential to survival. On all levels.

The Canadian Business Success Centre helps clients enhance the Triple Bottom Line with services and training in areas such as:

  • Profitably incorporating CSR into your business model
  • Instilling CSR practices into the organizational operations – and infusing the approach into the corporate culture
  • Leveraging CSR in Brand Building activities in a way that engenders public trust
  • Using CSR principles and practices to become more innovative, productive and competitive
  • Using CSR to build favourable relations within the investment community