Growing by Going from Good to Great

The biggest difference between average companies and great ones, between beloved brands and ones that fade into obscurity: Enthusiastic, engaged employees deliver on the brand’s unique promise day in and day out.

What does this take?

  • Behaviour throughout the organization that is consistent with the brand’s purpose. Every experience your customer has with your company must reflect the values and purpose of the brand. This means your brand/business strategy must define how your clients are to be treated. This is crucial if you want customers to believe that your brand lives up to its promise. For instance, if your promise is “it’s easy to work with us”, yet your return policy is draconian, then you have failed your brand. Failed your customer.… and you will fail to thrive, too.
  • Supervisors that empower their people to live the brand’s purpose and instill the importance of this and every encounter with stakeholders.
  • Policies and processes that align with the corporate strategy in brand’s position.
  • Commitment of senior management to doing business in a way that makes this possible.

The Canadian Business Success Centre can help you create a business where employee and customer engagement are strong, by aligning your organization, operations and culture around your brand’s values. Services include:

  • Culture Assessment of Existing Businesses
  • Culture Shaping for New Businesses
  • Helping Shift Corporate Culture and Behaviours
  • Effective Use of Internal Communications to Increase Commitment to a Shared Vision
  • Communicating this way of Doing Business to All Stakeholders (external communications across multiple platforms)
  • Effectively Integrating Cultures in M&A Situations

Please contact us if you would like your company to go from “good” to “great” and grow in the process.