Think “Customer Satisfaction” is Enough? Think Again!

Do you promote the employee who is “satisfactory”? Would you return to a restaurant where the meal was “satisfactory”? Would you be loyal to a company where each transaction left you feeling “satisfied”or do you prefer to give your business to a company that makes you feel special and whose products and services delight you?

Obviously that’s a rhetorical question – but far too many companies today believe that satisfaction is sufficient. It’s not. With a plethora of options, customers have become more choosey. More particular but what they want, more insistent about getting it at a good price. The also expect to enjoy the purchase process.

More importantly, today customers of all ages and types, business and retail, want to feel connected to your company in some meaningful way. They want to feel engaged. Get most companies miss the mark in this area – and many of these companies are missing growth opportunities, too.

It’s quite simple really: If the customer enjoys doing business with you, you will continue to get the custom. If not, you won’t.

“The purpose of Business is to create and keep a Customer.” ~ Peter Drucker’s

The old business truism held that the greater the perceived value you create for the customer, the greater your sales and the healthier your business. This remains true, but people are making their buying decisions differently today than they did even a short while ago.

Not only do they expect good products at a reasonable price, caring customer service, impeccable billing, personalized communication, stellar online support tools and good corporate citizenship, customers are seeking out brands that mean something, that stand for something.

It goes beyond the persona people want to project by buying your product or using your service. It's about how your product or service makes them feel – and whether or not the brand embodies values congruent with the type of person he or she is or wishes to be. In part that relates to how people perceive your brand and your culture.

“Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground.” ~ Tiffani Bova, Vice President, Gartner, Inc.

The Canadian Business Success Centre helps clients build the kind of relationships with their clients that engenders long term loyalty and enhances the bottom line. Some of our services include:

  • Creating multiple channels and opportunities for customer engagement
  • Linking employee engagement to the customer experience
  • Measuring Customer Engagement and its ROI
  • Building the business case for customer investment according to LTV
  • Developing Signature Customer Experiences
  • Identifying customers with the ability to influence others and creating plans to raise the connection with your company

Please call us if you want help in building a business where customers return time and again and recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.